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Wellencraft is a company that develops Sample Libraries, Virtual Instruments and Plugins for music and sound creation. We also offer a boutique Production Music Library for Film, TV and Video Games.

Our main motivation is to develop novel virtual instruments in the field of sampling libraries to offer the public attractive and easy to use products. We are also motivated and influenced by our Colombian and Latin American roots, the typical music of these regions, to preserve the musical heritage of our ancestors and prevent it from being forgotten. We wish to impregnate all this in the final product and in the process of musical creation, making them something intuitive, enjoyable and effective.

With a musical, musicological and technical knowledge of music, we, Wellencraft, are proud to offer our services to the public, starting this year 2022.

Wishing you a productive and long-lasting relationship,

Jorge Porras and Joshua Porras

Jorge Enrique Porras

Music composer, is the founder, general director and promoter of Wellencraft. He was born at the foot of the Andes, in Cali, Colombia’s third largest city. His aunt María del Carmen Alvarado introduced him to music at the age of five: piano and percussion. At the age of eight his parents took him to learn violin at the music school of the Universidad del Valle. He also tried the guitar and the recorder. Later, while studying music, his main instrument is the piano. He plays world music with “Altagracia” in Colombia and in various rock and Latin bands. He arrived in Germany in 2004 where he began his studies in musicology and composes music for television, film and theater.

Joshua Porras

Music composer, guitarist, sound technician and musical instrument developer. Co-founder of Wellencraft, he was born in Cali, one of the most multicultural cities in Colombia. At the age of eight he began studying clarinet, soon decided to switch to electric guitar starting his studies at the Conservatory Antonio Maria Valencia in the city of Cali and today composes for genres such as rock, metal, fusion and modern styles. He studies sound engineering at HOFA-College and has been tutored by Jorge E. “Kike” Toledo, Grammy-winning sound engineer 2021.


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