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It’s finally here! We are proud to present Tambora. For the first time in the history of sampling we have recorded the Tambora capturing its organic and authentic sound. The Tambora is a cylindrical bass drum of the north coast of Colombia, a region in the Caribbean and South America. We have designed this virtual instrument so that you can play it easily, offering multiple ways to use it. You get in a nutshell: one multisampled Tambora, two mixes of seven mics, loops, sequencers, MIDI grooves, sound design elements, effects and more!

New World Collection

Tambora is part of the New World Collection. The New World Collection is a growing series of sample libraries dedicated to the musical instruments of the “New World” (mundus novus), named “America” after Amerigo Vespuccio. In our productions we collaborate with musicologists, composers and performers to integrate the cultural and historical background into the final product. This means that additional material such as sheet music and learning resources will be available alongside the virtual instrument, plus updates.

Patterns, Loops, Grooves & Sound Design

Colombian rhythms are vibrant, unique and contagious. Tambora includes 80 traditional loops and rhythm patterns, some previously unknown to music industry audiences. You can stretch the loops at will to match them to the desired tempo, plus they run in sync to your DAW. It also comes with 158 grooves, fully editable in the sequencer (seven sequencers to load different grooves, activated by key switches). And you can also export your grooves as MIDI files to your favorite folder and by drag and drop to your DAW!

To go beyond the traditional palette, Tambora comes with a collection of 41 sound design elements, stretchable and routable to all effects and mixes. Use them in your cinematic tracks!

See the List of Patterns & Loops, Sound Design and Grooves elements below!

Mixes, Effects & Performance

The two mixes (A and B) allow you to find the desired sound in your composition. Mix A is a stereo mix recorded with seven microphones (spot and three pairs – near, mid and far) that capture the depth and space of the recording hall. Mix B is a tight mix of spot mics (two membranes and a wood side). With the help of EQ and built-in FX (punch, delay, convolution) the desired sound is at your fingertips. Additionally Tambora has a membrane pitch function with a range of up to three octaves in both directions (treble and bass) allowing you to generate different drum sounds.

The velocity response tab allows you to adjust and customize both your MIDI controller and your playing, facilitating the proper pressure of your hand on the keyboard. You can also choose a velocity range to play the Tambora in defined dynamic zones, e.g. piano only or fortissimo only.


Our sequencer is fun and easy to use. You can enter your own rhythmic creations in three easy editing modes: manual, step or sync. You can copy/paste grooves between the seven sequencers, drag and drop MIDI to the DAW, save MIDI to a custom folder, and save grooves to the user preset banks so you always have your favorite combinations at hand. Humanize your grooves, swing them, apply double time, it’s all possible!

Play Video

Tambora was proudly played by award-winning Master of Percussion, Alexander Duque and recorded by Grammy sound engineer Jorge Enrique “Kike” Toledo. Read more about them at Artists!

We recorded the Tambora in Dial Music Studios in the city of Cali, getting the true classic warm tones, presence, and punch sound of the highly regarded Trident Series 80B Console and the recording hall where Grupo Niche, Guayacán and other latin artists have recorded.


We have sampled the Tambora in such a way that you can easily play it, offering multiple ways of use. You get:

  • One Instrument (Tambora Bass Drum)
  • Multisampled (four articulations)
  • Round Robins
  • Up to 6x dynamics with crossfade script between them
  • Two mixes (four independent volume knobs for main mixes and loops)
  • Seven Sequencers (copy/paste, three edit modes, MIDI drag & drop, MIDI save to custom folder, bank for user presets)
  • 80 Traditional Loops
  • 41 Sound Design Elements
  • 158 Grooves
  • Humanize
  • Stretching
  • Membrane Pitch adjustment
  • Curve velocity (four modes)
  • Independent FX for mixes (convolution, delay, punch and equalization)
  • Attack and release
  • Pan
  • Master volume (Modwheel)
  • Recorded with seven microphones
  • 24 bit and 48 kHz
  • 300MB

List of Patterns & Loops, Sound Design and Grooves elements:

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